Dr John Gintowt, Coast Biographers

John Gintowt BA (UNSW), MA (MacquarieU), PhD (CQU) is principal of Coast Biographers, based in Albany, Western Australia.

Effective essayist, author, journalist and tutor

Relax and take a deep breath, I am here to give you the skills you need to organise your material and write exceptional essays. I’ll help you meet tight deadlines and prove you’re a star student.

As a collaborative autobiographer, I can help you join many aspiring authors who published their life stories through Coast Biographers.

From fail to nail: I help struggling students to write good essays that meet tough deadlines.

Writing teacher

Academic theory


Placement and marketing

Recent background

Academic Manager at Salisbury College Australia
(2018 – 2021)
Originally engaged to write English language textbooks, I was appointed to lead a team of 14 teachers in the English (ESL) Department.

Lecturer at Jinzhong University, Peoples’ Republic of China
(2016 – 2017)
I taught English poetry, film studies and English for Tourism.

Public Relations Manager, NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs
(2008 – 2015)
I was primarily a speechwriter for both Houses of Parliament and a succession of government Ministers. I also produced several annual reports and managed contentious issues in press, radio and television media.

Feature Writer, Australian Boating (2000-2014)

Dealt with whiskey and wine distributors to arrange deals, reviewed wines, restaurants and $30 million motor yachts.