Some of John Gintowt’s work

The New South Wales Business Handbook (1990); Hugh Hearn (2002) Nihil Obstat Nothing Will Stop Us: The Nine Lives of Lieut- Commander Hugh Hearn RN; Fred Rushbrook (2003) The Canungra Kid; My Adventurous Life: in a League of My Own (2003) the story of German working for the SS in Occupied Poland; Hugh McCarron (2004) JP HM AEDQ; Gil King and Patricia King (2004) Gil King DFM; Eddie Nottage (2005) Somebody Likes Me: The King’s African Rifles; Vivien Sale (2003) Reflections; Paul Dehlsen (2004); Cveta Lillyman (2004) Pushing Boundaries; Joan Dominish (2004) My Life and Family: My Family My Life; Ivy Getchell (2005) Iaway; Dorothea Howarth (2005) My Life; Nancy Jones (2005) From the Bush to the Beach; Yvonne Nunn (2006) Three War Veterans; Ray Seib (2009) Never Give Up: The Story of a Nomad; Carlos Camacho (2018) Goodbye Charlie; Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Registrar, NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act (2007-2015) Annual Reports to Parliament 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, consultant to Jenny Lanyon in Kissed by a Croc; editing and design Charles Trindall, Workshop Guide for Facilitators; manuscript editing Dr Jessica Gangemi Masters of the Deep