Your life story is priceless: learn and enjoy the process of writing it

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Every one of us has a narrative and whether it is of invaluable for our children and their descendants, or the broader reading community, depends on how it is expressed.

At Coast Biographers we capture the essence, laughter, voice, attitude and perspectives of our clients. We don’t just describe what they have done. After all, what is it that people who love us will miss most about us. Is it the laughter in our voice, the way we break into song, or the tears we shed when we recall the misfortunes of our past.

We can’t change what has been done, but we can change the way that people see it: put our past into context.

To be honest, many people approach me with the words “I want to write a book”. However, until we walk them through the process, they don’t realise that the act of writing and editing their story is so cathartic. It gives our authors power over the past and a chance to sever the bonds of grief that should have been left in the past. There are some things best told but left unwritten, but ultimately it’s your call.

I do, however, advise you to be honest with the process of writing your life story. Our faults make us interesting. The most compelling characters are those who are flawed but battle on regardless.

There are easy and hard ways to produce a life story, but I reckon we should make it enjoyable. That’s not to say there won’t be tears. There will be. You will cry and so will your readers…if you agree to show them who you really are.

Those of us with a capacity for deep introspection realise that we aren’t static beings. The person we are now is not who we were when we were in our twenties. It’s my job to help your readers understand how you dealt with every crisis and how it made you a better person.

Sure, life is a journey and so is the process of writing it, but it’s good to have a guide who will pick you up when you stumble and fall. And, above all, share your secrets with no one.